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For many entrepreneurs, VAT is one of the most difficult taxes. Knowledge point VAT solutions helps you with the VAT problem in your organization; understanding and incorporating it into controllable processes. Through advice, training and help with implementation projects, Kennispunt helps you to optimize your VAT compliance!
Our services in the field of vat cover to a large extent the combination with E-commerce and with Germany. The correct application of the vat can be complicated within E-commerce. We are happy to help you stay compliant. Germany has its own challenges in the field of vat which we are happy to help you with.

At this moment we take care of registrations and vat returns for our customers in 15 european countries. Among others in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Norway, ... and ofcourse we can support you with the I-OSS and Union regulation OSS returns in various EU countries, we file Union regulation in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  Contact us for more information.
We are almost live with our reporting software for Amazon sellers, see here a screenshot of the dashboard. Kennispunt can use this service to generate all your European VAT returns out of Amazon. Interested; contact us now!

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More about E-commerce, dropshipping and its impact on vat, go to E-commerce

Selling via LvB, FBA, dropshipping, own webshop where you should pay attention to the bookkeeping and taxes of these E-commerce activities.

Selling online or through seller platforms looks easy and transparant but the single processes can turn into a timeconsuming task. Especially taken all the special VAT rules into account it will dazzle most business.
Where in the normal trading business the amounts are limited in the online trading business it can go into more than hundreds of sales per day. Added the differend sales chanels to that and soon it might get confusing.
Using the FBA programm mostly vat is due in that country where you store your products; with one single check mark Amazon can store your product in 7 different EU countries. So with one single tick you are taxable in 7 countries. Just pay attention whilst setting up your account. Also all movements of goods between the FBA warehouses in other EU countries are taxable movements.
Finally you have to keep checking the distance sales amounts to private customers in other EU countries. Crossing the treshold of €35.000 or €100.000 , depending on what country, makes you taxable in that coutry and from that moment.

Our advice and vatservices are especially designed for online sellers
The correct application of the sales tax / sales tax is a complicated item within E-commerce. If you follow all the rules neatly and arrange a lot in advance it is possible to be compliant for these taxes. It is preferable to have this done by specialized parties in order to make as few mistakes as possible and to avoid fines. Kennispunt/ VAT Point Europe is the specialist for E-commerce. Please contact us for more information and our competitive rates.



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