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Amazon is drastically increasing the savings for merchants who participate in the CEE programme - storing their goods in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The savings increase from 25 cents per unit to up to 75 cents per unit. Merchants can save up to 20,000 euros under this promotion in addition to the previous Amazon CEE promotion.

don't jump into the CEE programm, you need a PL and CZ VAT registration before you tick the box giving your consent to use the warehouse in PL and CZ

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Amazon expansion to slow further in 2023
Release date: 29 July 2022
Online retailer Amazon expects its warehouse expansion slowdown to deepen further in 2023.
The company had already begun adjusting its infrastructure spending earlier this year after reporting that it had overbuilt its warehouses during a rapid 24-month period during the Covid-19 pandemic, when online shopping increased significantly.
"We have delayed our expansion plans for 2022 and 2023 to better match expected customer demand," chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky said during an earnings call on 28 July.
Steel service centres engaged in warehouse-related activities have noticed a slowdown in demand since Amazon reported in the second quarter that it was overbuilding its warehouse infrastructure.

In addition to there is now also
As in the Netherlands, there will be no FBA warehouse in Belgium for the time being. However, Amazon has planned a delivery station in Antwerp. Orders from the FBA warehouses in Germany and France are sent here for the last mile. 
Besides that, a new warehouse is being built in the Czech Republic, Kojetin industrial park near Prerov in the Olomouc Region, expected opening in 2023.

A new FBA warehouse in Kaiserslautern, Germany with opening end of 2022 and the previously announced FBA warehouse in Ireland were already announced. Also Sweden has since the start of in Eskiltuna its own FBA warehouse XSE1 

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The Import One Stop Shop system

Changes in EU VAT legislation as of July 2021
The Import One Stop Shop system for consumer sales of imported goods from outside the EU with an intrinsic value of up to 150 euros

There will be a new system for entrepreneurs who import goods from outside the EU. If, as an online trader, you import goods from outside the EU with an intrinsic value of up to 150 euros, you can use the IOSS ("Import One Stop Shop") system. This ensures that you only have to file a sales tax declaration in the country of arrival (usually the country where your business is based). The import itself is exempt from sales tax.

Like the OSS, the IOSS is not mandatory, but if you do not apply it, the import will be subject to sales tax. The online seller can then collect the import sales tax from the person for whom the goods are destined, often this will be done by the parcel delivery person.
As a company based outside the EU you need an Agent who will register and file the IOSS returns on your behalf. The Agent is not a Fiscal Representative.
Kennispunt can take care of your IOSS registration and returns so you can be able to sell in the EU without physical presence.

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How to do E-Commerce And Accounting? - With Marco Van Houttum (in Dutch)

How to do E-Commerce And Accounting? - With Marco Van Houttum (in Dutch)

In this live interview, Cédric Ophoff and Marco Van Houttum talk about eCommerce and the accounting involved. Marco is a cross-border business consultant and knows everything about the accounting aspect of an online business. In this live video he answers the most frequently asked accounting questions, we talk about VAT, threshold amounts, the small business regulation and much more.

Concluding comment from a viewer: I was going to ask my questions and leave, but Marco's passion stayed with me, thanks to your free added value (no VAT haha).

Do you want more information about Cédric and what he does? Join our Facebook group: ★ Amazon BE-NL Mastermind Group ★ ► ★ My Youtube Channel ★ ► ★ Follow Me On Instagram ★ ► @cc.ophoff ★ 1-on-1 Coaching or B2B Consultancy? ★ ► Check my website:

Do you want more information about Marco and what he does? ► Check his website here: Marco also collaborates with where he helps Dutch-speaking Amazon salesmen in the administrative part of their business.
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